Saturday, August 7, 2010

Don't Walk By.....

           There's so much to see in the NYC that it can be hard to squeeze it all in. Regardless of where you visit on your trip, you can't escape the homeless population.  There is estimated to be over 39,000 homeless people living in NYC, 16,500 of which are children. Its not something to cringe at, but rather an opportunity to give back. There are hundreds of charity organizations that make up the NYC Rescue Alliance, but one charity that has been a pillar in NY since 1879 is the Bowery Mission. The Bowery Mission is located at 227 Bowery in Lower Manhattan. Its serves the homeless men, women and children of NYC by providing compassionate care and life transformation. To learn more about the Bowery Mission, visit and watch the video below. Also take a look at a special outreach held annually called  Don't Walk By that brings attention and aid to the homeless of NYC.


New York's Homeless Crisis Just Got Worse...
Don't Walk By
Bowery Mission


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